Reference Eko-Salmo s.r.o.

Eko-Salmo Ltd.,

collaborates with more than 600 satisfied clients. We have long-term cooperation with Slovnaft Bratislava, OLO Bratislava, Železnice SR (Raiways of the Slovak Repulic), VW Bratislava, Ingeo Žilina, Armáda Slovenskej republiky (Army of the Slovak Republic), Generálny štáb armády SR (General Headquarters of the Army of the Slovak Republic), US Steel etc. We also provide partial waste management solutions for industries and state-owned companies including Slovalko a.s., Žiar nad Hronom, ZVS Dubnica, Oravské ferozliatinárske závody, a.s. Istebné.

We also collaborate extensively with companies abroad such as CARE Group Halle (Halle Lochau), Umweltschutz Nord GmbH Bremen (on-site soil decontamination), SUC GmbH Dresden (waste interdeck; sludge processing on location Wetro - 20 000 tons per year; assistance in prodution process design - waste stabilisation; Halle Lochau location - 80 000 tons per year).

One of our significant achievements is decontamination of oil-polluted soil in Military Training Facility of the Army of the Slovak Republic, location Lešt - 25 000 m3 of polluted soil.

This operation was followed by another oil-polluted soil decontamination for the Army of the Slovak Republic on location Sliac - Vlkanová; volume of 24 000 m3. The decontamination was achieved by method of in-situ, i.e. without direct soil manipulation or excavation, but through pumping of decontaminating solutions, nutrients and oxygen into the soil.

One of the most extensive tasks was the disposal of waste building rubble, soil and sludges for Slovnaft Inc.; 100 000 tons including terrain trimming and recultivation of said areas.

The company also took part in project „Revitalisation of Štrkovecké jazero“ for the capital city of SR, Bratislava.

Eko-Salmo Ltd. performs, alongside wastes disposal, also consulting and advisory activities, including drawing up of documents related to legislative acts currently in force in waste management industry such as: emergency plan, waste management programmes, filling in of forms (for example identification paper of dangerous wastes) etc.